5/22/2020-Yoga + Walk

6:11 am, BG: 133, Start yoga, 0 carbs, 2.5g fat, 6g protein, 0.3 U insulin 6:40 am, BG: 129, End yoga 6:50 am, BG: 128, Start walk 7:09 am, BG: 124, End walk 7:36 am, BG: 120, 30 Minutes Post Walk Today is an active recovery day for me and I wasn’t originally going toContinue reading “5/22/2020-Yoga + Walk”

5/21/2020-Run + Yoga

2:51 am, BG: 95, Start 90 min temp target 6:14 am, BG: 122, Start run 6:47 am, BG: 107, End run 6:54 am, BG: 90, Start yoga 1g carb towards the end 7:15 am, BG: 82, End yoga 7:46 am, BG: 95, 30 Minutes Post Workout This morning, I had intervals on my running scheduleContinue reading “5/21/2020-Run + Yoga”

5/18/2020-Run + Yoga

5:39 am, BG: 93, Start run, 2g carb 5:54 am, BG: 87, 2g carb 6:10 am, BG: 85, End run 6:15 am, BG: 91, 0.6 U correction, Exit automode Roll out calves 6:39 am, BG: 89, 30 mins post run 6:48 am, BG: 95, Start yoga 7:07 am, BG: 96, End yoga Epsom salt bathContinue reading “5/18/2020-Run + Yoga”

T1 Diabetes Myths

“There will be a cure in the next 5 years!” Most diabetics have heard some version of this. When I was first diagnosed, I was told “There will be a cure in your lifetime”. However, if you hang around the T1 community long enough, you’ll find doctors have been telling us this since the 1980’sContinue reading “T1 Diabetes Myths”

T1 Workout Gear & Tools

Before I start this, I have to tell you it’s NOT about the gear, it’s about the time and effort you put into learning how to manage your blood sugar and workouts. There are a few items, however, that I’ve found helpful so I wanted to share them with you.* Type 1 Tactical Pump Holster–Continue reading “T1 Workout Gear & Tools”